• One Lovely Blog Hop

    This blog hop is designed to introduce ourselves on a more personal level with the readers.  We have been asked to list seven interesting facts on ourselves – to come out of our writing persona we love to hide behind.  So, by following the rules of the blog hop I …


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  • The Blessing of Photography – Tammy Cook

    Photography has offered Tammy and I both the opportunity to meet and connect with some really outstanding artists. Tammy has some amazing ‘blessing’ stories to share on her blog. For me, meeting Tammy is one of those ‘photography blessings’ in my life.


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  • Live Your Legend

    Live Your Legend is a website by Scott Dinsmore that focuses on helping people find their passion and convert it into their profession . The site is full of articles and numerous other resources such as Ebooks, worksheets & local meet-ups for everything from finding your passion, working on it and finally, …


    Curiously Happy

  • Friday Focus – November 21

    Over here in my part of the US MidWest we have had our first snow of the season – a reminder that winter really is approaching fast! It’s also the time where many people’s thoughts turn to present buying – and what better than YOUR book or publication!


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  • We Are Innovation Therefore Leaders

    Too many times we discuss leadership in terms of people. It’s about problem solving too. Leaders don’t have to have all the answers. They should at least inspire people to arrive at them though. They should also create the right conditions, processes and cultures to do so too. Johanna’s post speaks to innovation, it easily speaks to leadership qualities.


    Leadership Matters

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  • Kombucha Tea – Functional Food

    Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, mildly alcoholic beverage made of sweetened green or black tea, cultured with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY. This is the same substance that is “The Mother” in apple cider vinegar. It makes this drink a source of probiotics, which is why it is a ‘functional food.’


    Kitchen Dwellers

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  • Meet Team Starkid

    First: a warning. The works of this group are not for children. Childish adults, yes, but probably not children. The humor is juvenile, inappropriate for most audiences, and I have nearly died laughing on a number of occasions. They’re called Team Starkid. With something like 130 million views on youtube, there …


    Off Center Stage

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