• Relax! It’s Renewable Energy

    We live in a work driven society that frowns on an afternoon nap, peaceful walks and long vacations.  In our productivity driven economy, which began with the Industrial Revolution, taking time off for rest and relaxation seems counterintuitive.  We forget that our energy, just like time, has finite limits.  The …


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    Relax! It’s Renewable Energy
  • The Well Travelled Postcard

    Can’t remember now how I stumbled on “The Well Travelled Postcard” but I love it. Written by Virginia, a languages graduate of Exeter University in England, she has travelled and lived overseas and writes short, interesting and entertaining “postcards” on various worldwide destinations.


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  • Jordan Blackstone: Exposing the Beauty of Nature

    There is something exceptionally vivid and captivating when you see Jordan Blackstone’s works. Her artwork ranges through some of the most mundane moments and subjects of nature but the finished images are anything but mundane.  Her photography beautifully captures the essence of its being. It is very hard to simply …


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  • Make It Happen!

    Make It Happen is a greatly inspiring blog by Arvind Devalia which is full of articles that encourage you to find happiness and inner peace, while also making you realize that YOU can make a difference too, simply by doing things you love. In fact, The blog’s motto itself is: Make It Happen, for a better you and a better world.


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    Make It Happen
  • Friday Focus – November 21

    Over here in my part of the US MidWest we have had our first snow of the season – a reminder that winter really is approaching fast! It’s also the time where many people’s thoughts turn to present buying – and what better than YOUR book or publication!


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  • We Are Innovation Therefore Leaders

    Too many times we discuss leadership in terms of people. It’s about problem solving too. Leaders don’t have to have all the answers. They should at least inspire people to arrive at them though. They should also create the right conditions, processes and cultures to do so too. Johanna’s post speaks to innovation, it easily speaks to leadership qualities.


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  • Easy Tablecloth Projects

    Tablecloths have been in use since the first century, at that time just used as napkins and to protect the table from scratches and spills. In medieval times, the white tablecloth became popular, the whiter the better. A pristine tablecloth was evidence of wealth, because they couldn’t just pop it into the washing machine with some bleach… snowy white cloths on your table showed that you could afford to have people focus on this one aspect of running a household.


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  • Meet Team Starkid

    First: a warning. The works of this group are not for children. Childish adults, yes, but probably not children. The humor is juvenile, inappropriate for most audiences, and I have nearly died laughing on a number of occasions. They’re called Team Starkid. With something like 130 million views on youtube, there …


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