• Judy Vincent – Fine Art Photographer

    South Texas may currently be best known for it’s western culture and it’s cowboys, but Judy Vincent, a south Texas nature/landscape photographer, shares another view – a more current view of the South Texas culture.

    In her gallery Texas you will see beautiful waterfalls, meandering creeks and ocean sunsets. You will also be taken to the towering cities, yacht clubs and graceful country roads.

    Vintage Carnations
  • The start of happiness with Brendan

    The start of happiness is a blog and website by Brendan Baker. As the name suggests, the website is all about removing the things that make you dissatisfied and unhappy. Brendan gives practical tips on how to sort the clutter and make your life into a happier, more fulfilling one.

  • From Time To Time by Kela Lewis-Morin 5 stars

    There is an honesty and integrity to Kela’s poetry that deals with harsh issues like rape and violence, in poems like “Breaking News,” and yet raises philosophical questions about our assumptions about the way things should be and actually are, especially in his poems like his thought provoking “Free Will”.

  • Google+ for real – Five things you need to know

    Your Google “profile” should be thought if as your “about” page on Google+. New contacts will click on your profile to find out who you are and what you are about. So make sure it has an appropriate profile picture, an interesting cover picture and a “good” description.

    Google+ also allows you to complete a large selection of data about yourself, including links to the things you are a “contributor to.” This is an interesting section I find, as it shows what the person is interested by what they actually do, rather than what they say they do!

  • Refreshing with Samantha Hall’s Tweet Connection

    I came across Samantha Hall and her site, Tweet Connection, via Twitter. When I visited Samantha’s site, I very much enjoyed the questions she asked in her writing. Samantha has a very personal approach to leadership and approaches it from many different perspective, not just business. Her questions caused me …

    Tweet Connection - Slider
  • Come Into the Kitchen With Me

    If your family is like mine, they live in the kitchen. They sit, stand, talk, laugh and cry in the kitchen. The kitchen has been our ‘real’ living-room for years. It’s where we gather for all the real things in our lives.

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