• Mixed Media Wonders – Zeana Romanovna

    Zeana Romanovna is without doubt one of my most favorite artists creating in mixed media today. Though we have never physically met, I felt from her art (though much different from my own) that we share a kindred spirit. Our written conversations further validated that feeling.

    Heart To Heart
  • MMotivate by Dennis – a website on fitness, motivation and success

    MMotivate is a website and blog by Dennis which motivates and inspires you to chase your dreams and be successful in life. The tagline of the blog may confuse you, as it says, “MMotivate – motivation for fitness”; but I can assure you that MMotivate is a blog for overall personal development, and the ‘fitness’ surely refers to physical and emotional fitness.

  • Kae Cheatham Fine Photo Art – From Modern Abstract To Old West

    Exotic WorldsSince 1987, Kae Cheathams has been capturing her world with the camera. She primarily focused on equine events and the rural community that she was a part of. At this time she used the traditional 35mm SLR but in 2002 she was introduced to the Digital SLRs and her art grew from just photography to also include digital paintings and graphic arts.

    Exotic Worlds
  • Create the life you want with Elle!

    Elle talks about serious self reflection on what you want in life and how to get it, but she explains and guides you through the process in such a friendly, encouraging way that you feel an urge to keep going on, and start believing that you will surely get there – the many difficulties seem to vanish or at least made much easier!

  • Do I need a publisher?

    The “traditional” route – finding a publisher that will take your book, give you an advance, and do all the hard work for you – is still open. However, these publishers are being hit by the market which is changing in profound ways. They no longer feel safe publishing unknown authors with totally new ideas, because they can not guarantee making any money from them.

  • Nourish The Flame Within by Lynette Avis & David Brown 5 Stars

    What brings all these different elements together is energy, and the book dedicates its first chapter to the science of energy, explaining how energy is the lynch pin for the rest of the book. The science chapter is a little heavy, cram packed with information. You have to persevere to get through it, but it is worth it!

  • Stanza Widen. Painting Until the Hand Sings

    Stanza’s passion for her art flows off each canvas and effects the viewer. The joy and excitement that she finds in her world is clearly evident in each piece. I find myself smiling repetitively as I look at one beautiful image after another.

    Sun Drenched
  • More than just Grammar?

    We all like to think we understand the rules of grammar and spelling, but if we are honest, we don’t always apply them.

    There are many tools to help a writer improve their written work, and today we are going to look at some of the options out there.

  • The Eyes of Nature – Ernie Echols

    Ernie Echols currently reside in the beautiful state of Colorado and draws from the inspiration of the scenery and nature that surrounds him. Ernie is deeply devoted to discovering methods of expressing that inspiration through his artistic talent.

    Cougar Eyes
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