• Stanza Widen. Painting Until the Hand Sings

    Stanza’s passion for her art flows off each canvas and effects the viewer. The joy and excitement that she finds in her world is clearly evident in each piece. I find myself smiling repetitively as I look at one beautiful image after another.

    Sun Drenched
  • More than just Grammar?

    We all like to think we understand the rules of grammar and spelling, but if we are honest, we don’t always apply them.

    There are many tools to help a writer improve their written work, and today we are going to look at some of the options out there.

  • The Eyes of Nature – Ernie Echols

    Ernie Echols currently reside in the beautiful state of Colorado and draws from the inspiration of the scenery and nature that surrounds him. Ernie is deeply devoted to discovering methods of expressing that inspiration through his artistic talent.

    Cougar Eyes
  • Master of the Brush – R W Goetting

    Each painting is a masterful blend of color, line and brushstrokes built layer on top of layer, allowing the painting to breath and have a life of it’s own. The colors dance across the canvas; weaving and bobbing to the rhythm set by the painter’s spontaneous brushstrokes and the lines loose boundaries.

    Monemvasia Greece In The Afternoon
  • The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg

    Henrik’s posts are very detailed, and while talking about his main topic, he’s also analyzing the what’s and why’s of positive and even negative attitudes. For example, Henrik says that a negative attitude should not be adopted in life because it’s stupid, telling simply.

  • Upcoming Reads

    These are the books that are currently on my shelf to read. Who knows, maybe I will write Hot Reads Reviews for them :-D

    Want your book on my bookshelf? Just let me know!

  • Friday Focus

    Welcome to the Write Stuff Friday Focus. Friday Focus is intended as a roundup of the week, including comments received on this week’s Write Stuff articles. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed in the coming weeks, or any general feedback please leave a comment below!   …

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