• Relax! It’s Renewable Energy

    We live in a work driven society that frowns on an afternoon nap, peaceful walks and long vacations.  In our productivity driven economy, which began with the Industrial Revolution, taking time off for rest and relaxation seems counterintuitive.  We forget that our energy, just like time, has finite limits.  The …

    Relax! It’s Renewable Energy
  • Develop A Purpose

    You are building your team – your network – with every follower on Twitter, with every new fan on Facebook.  If you can clearly express your goals then you provide clarity to your team and build commitment. I am in the process of splitting Today’s Visions and Arizona Lowe into …

  • Build Trust in Your Social Media Networks

    Trust is essential regardless of the size or type of team you are building.  A marriage will not survive without trust, a friendship cannot grow without trust and a business network will wither without trust. Trust is foundational to teamwork; it’s where it all starts. It involves establishing the fact …

  • Well, It is Monday Again!

    Most of us are at work bustling around and trying not to miss the weekend too much. Some – like us in #coloradosprings – are either teleworking or have taken the day off because of the latest snowstorm.

  • Seven Steps to Great Teamwork as an Indie

    Einstein stated in “Essays on Humanism” that man is unique in the animal kingdom as he needs both individualism and community to be successful.  That statement resonated within my being far more than his research on time 😀 If you think about it, you can see the truth in his …

  • Kindness Matters to Your Success

    I think we would all agree that receiving kindness helps the receiver but does kindness offer long-term help to the person extending it?

    Being kind helps us both on a personal and professional levels. Studies show that kind people have better health, feel more creative and are willing to work harder.

  • Quick Social Media Tip

    I love Twitter. While I am present on many other Social Media Networks, Twitter still remains my favorite. As I work with Twitter and read more about how to effectively build a Twitter Network I am building a collection of quick notes to myself – little tips that I do not want to forget. I thought I would share one with you today – one that I feel is VERY important.

  • The Haunted Venues

    The Guided Tour Video, the back story and the Adventurers and Heroes who joined Today’s Visions to help us with our storyline :-)

    In my wanderings around the Web, I discovered this abandoned, lonely mansion on one warm summer day. It had so many rooms that were dark and empty – they needed people to brighten them up.