• The Haunted Venues

    The Guided Tour Video, the back story and the Adventurers and Heroes who joined Today’s Visions to help us with our storyline :-)

    In my wanderings around the Web, I discovered this abandoned, lonely mansion on one warm summer day. It had so many rooms that were dark and empty – they needed people to brighten them up.


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  • Jackson Dean Chase

    Jackson Dean Chase writes speculative YA Fiction, Poems and Nonfiction Writer Resources on his tumbler blog. He updates his blog on a daily basis.

    I was introduced to Jackson’s blog by Arizona who loves it. I can see why.


    Blog Discoveries

  • Our Metal World Contest Winner

    All the photos entered by the fine artists on Fine Art America were fabulous – see all the photos and winners here. But the voters made their choices and I will be listing them here for the next week.


    The Art Galleries

  • Vishnu’s Virtues

    Vishnu writes articles on personal development on his site, Vishnu’s Virtues. He also gives career and relationship coaching. Vishnu’s Virtues is a site aimed at people who want to bounce back in life from a low point, or want advice regarding their jobs or relationships.


    Curiously Happy

  • Wiche in flight!

    Here’s an ideal paranormal read for the Halloween season: Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean, Book One of the Claire Wiche Chronicles.

    Cate Dean has a refreshing way with words, and through it, conveys even fantastical people as real and believable. I suspect she is a natural writer, not one to follow a formula in a How-To book.


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  • Who are you? Author photos

    Back in my Social Media days, we were taught that a profile picture should be face on, no background distraction, sharp and in focus. A lot of that is true for an author profile picture, but here I think we can be allowed to be more creative – within reason! It should certainly be close up enough to show your face, and be sharp and professional, but can also also show something about our personality and uniqueness.


    The Write Stuff

  • Indie Effort, Opportunities and Success

    Leadership from an Indie perspective is quite different from a corporate perspective especially in the application of such traditional business dictums. Thus, on the pathway to Indie success, we find a divergence exists between effort and opportunities. That eon-old methodology of trial and error is back in vogue! Jump on what works. Avoid what doesn’t. Business plans not only detract time from applying effort to success, but they encourage us to be overly focused at a time when seizing opportunities are more important.


    Leadership Matters

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  • Janeen is Sick :-(

    Hi everyone. Arizona here.

    I was notified yesterday that Janeen, the curator of this venue, is in the hospital. I was hoping that she would be released this morning but she has been told that she needs to stay for a while longer.

    Please take a moment to “sign” this get well card for Janeen by leaving your remarks in the comment box. Let Janeen know you are thinking about her.


    Kitchen Dwellers

  • The Theatre’d Art

    From the Burmese jungles to my own back yard, I now present The Theatre’d Art. A student group originally operating out of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Theatre’d Art has become much more than that. Their goals have always been to produce the kind of theatre “you couldn’t find anywhere else.”


    Off Center Stage

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  • Fallout: Nuka Break

    I love the Fallout series, even if I’m rubbish at the first few games. I jumped on the bandwagon when Fallout 3 was announced because until that point, I’d never seen anything like this open world, choose your own adventure type shooter. I had no idea how it would work and I resolved to find out.


    Moving Pictures