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Nat Russo: Author, Blogger and Downright Friendly

nat_russoI almost feel guilty writing this post because Nat has been a Twitter Follower for a while now. He is engaging, funny, supportive and just downright friendly.  I like to think of him as one of my Twitter Friends.   If that wasn’t biased enough, I read his book, Necromancer Awakening, absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it, wrote an Amazon review and then featured it in the Hot Reads Venue of Today’s Visions.  Yeah, this post is slightly biased.

Nat Russo impresses me with his professional approach and he shares that approach in well written witty posts on his blog, A Writer’s Journey.  The blog is primarily focused for authors, with articles about The Revision Process, Selecting Beta Readers and Point of View.  However, anyone who stops by will find articles that interest, educate and inspire — Hashtag Blindness, Lessons Learned From a Thousand Books and World Building: Magic Systems.

He appears to have found the joy of sharing his knowledge, expertise and creativity with the world and has been able to craft a career with that.  Kudos, Nat Russo.