Ten Hot Reads For The Week of July 15

A hot reading list that includes works by: L.T. Vargus, Catherine Townsend-Lyon, David Lee Malone, Tamie Dearen, Author Crandon, Linda Acaster, Carol Marrs Phipps, Maryann Weston, Robin Leigh Morgan, and Brian V. Menard

Visual Inspiration Week of July 14

Six great artists, forty-eight beautiful pieces. Come feast your eyes of the beautiful artwork produced by our featured artist: Liane Wright plus Jim Hill, John Bailey, Elizabeth Dow, Scotty's Photography and Mark Myhaver.

An Exciting Week

This has been such a wonderful week.  Many positive things happening on the web, around Colorado Springs and in my life.

My Twitter and Facebook followers have been a huge part of that…


The Simplest of Kindness

Before I spent my eighteen months at Twin Oaks Intentional Community I lived on Long Island – Ridge, New York to be exact. During my brief time there (14 months) I won a couple of…


Tweet Kindness

Have you been following the changes that I have made on the site? No? Well!  Let me tell you what is going on.

After 6 months of trying to promote my material, and watching it not sale, …


Empathy Finale

Empathy is an others-focused attitude, where you recognize and share a person’s feelings or attitudes. The people you interact with are not automatons. They are individuals with…