Today, I Can

I hate the words “I can’t”.  They signal a lack of belief in oneself; judging yourself as less than.  Those two simple words “I can’t” wraps the root of success – belief – with a deceitful…


Searching for Peace

I was thinking about peace and how to have a lasting peace within yourself.  You see, it is my belief that peace is impossible unless we first find it within ourselves.  When we are at peace with ourselves, then we are less likely to react negatively…


Help Me Help My Sister, Please

Okay, this is another one of those I am just going to type moments.  A week ago I posted a story about my sister and her uniqueness here.  In that story, I shared how she helped forge me into the person I am today.

My sister is suffering right now


Time Management

Life Interruption Ahead.

Life has a sense of humor.  I have to say that or I would be in meltdown mode crying my eyes out like I was a couple of days ago.  I mean really, think about this.  Since February 12th, my father has died, I got guardianship…


Celebrate Uniqueness

Real magic can occur when you recognize that everyone, in all their glorious uniqueness, has value.  When people are born with physical or mental challenges, they are seen with pity, sadness, derision, fear – I have seen it all.  But…


Is That True?

Yesterday’s Quotes were all about finding your purpose in life and yesterday’s post was about using questions to alleviate worry.  Not surprisingly, I went about my day with thoughts of asking questions and finding life’s…


Worry Quotes

I am in the midst of some emotional drama right now that is challenging my ability to FLY (Finally Love Yourself).  The feelings of self-doubt, helplessness and failing are growing and I am having more difficulties with my nighttime routine. …


Journey Quotes

Life is a journey.  We have all heard this statement, but have we really thought about it.  In my opinion, the reason we have time appreciating the journey, appreciating life, is that we are caught up in the destination.  For some the destination…


Quotes About Giving

The Spirit of Giving grows from every small deed we do. I compare it to steam from boiling water.

The cloud rises from the pot, tendrils reaching out and enveloping whoever or whatever crosses its path.  The pot has limited access, but the steam…