• Mike Lehr: Leadership, Problem-Solving and More

    Mike Lehr’s blog has grabbed my attention from the first time I discovered it due to our Twitter connection.  His articles on leadership and problem-solving have enriched my understanding of those aspects of business and led me to further research (see The Evolution of Leadership – An Etymological Study).  Mike’s …

  • Mystic Tea

    Rea Nolan Martin has created characters so real the reader will want to hug them.  You will laugh, giggle and have lots of fun as these women, all different, converge at a run down monastery in upstate New York.  The writing is beautiful, adding richness and color to each scene …

  • Top 35 UK Blogger Timothy Hughes

    There are so many ‘Social Media Gurus’ out in Twitterland and on Facebook that it is very difficult to choose just whose advice you are going to listen to.  For me, I have decided that if something sound plausible then I will try it – it might work and then …

  • What If We Had A Do-Over?

    What if we had the opportunity to do-over? Would we make different decisions that would change the course of our lives?

  • July Today’s Visions FAA Contest Winner

    In July, Today’s Visions ran a contest with one simple prompt … What is your vision of our world today?  I then asked the voters to vote on which image best expressed their image of today’s world.  The results were very interesting.  See all the photos and winners here. The …

  • It’s A Habit I Just Can’t Break

    No matter how awesome all this new-newfangled technology is, some of the older habits are just too good to give up. And while I happily retired my hands in favor of the dishwasher, this is one habit that I just can’t let go.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk and His Right Hook

    I would have to say that Gary Vaynerchuk gave me my first true understanding of what social media is all about with his book ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’. However, he started teaching me long before I bought the book by engaging with my content, even though I was a naive beginner.