• The Marketing Trap and How You Can Escape

    Photographers, public speakers, physical trainers, life coaches, bloggers, and many other independent business people (all ‘indies’) are trying to create a career for themselves doing what they love and, in waaayyy too many cases they are failing. The failure has nothing to do with their skill or talent, but has more to do with their reach. Who sees their work? Who hears about the services they offer?


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  • Whispering Beast by Phil Church

    Phil Church, author of the blog WHISPERING BEAST, is a quintessential English writer. A Teacher by profession, several of his stories on his blog-site are set within an English school environment and are very well observed and funny.


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  • Our Metal World Contest Winner

    All the photos entered by the fine artists on Fine Art America were fabulous – see all the photos and winners here. But the voters made their choices and I will be listing them here for the next week.


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  • Life Optimizer by Donald Latumahina

    Donald writes in a very simple and easy to understand manner. His posts are often related to getting more productive or efficient in whatever you do and on gaining as much knowledge as possible, whether it is in the field of emotional development or other things.


    Curiously Happy

  • A Prompt For Every Season

    Now, here is a book for every writer’s survival kit: Bryan Cohen has compiled 1000 Prompts to Stop Writer’s Block called FOUR SEASONS OF CREATIVE WRITING.


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  • Indie Effort, Opportunities and Success

    Leadership from an Indie perspective is quite different from a corporate perspective especially in the application of such traditional business dictums. Thus, on the pathway to Indie success, we find a divergence exists between effort and opportunities. That eon-old methodology of trial and error is back in vogue! Jump on what works. Avoid what doesn’t. Business plans not only detract time from applying effort to success, but they encourage us to be overly focused at a time when seizing opportunities are more important.


    Leadership Matters

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  • Janeen is Sick :-(

    Hi everyone. Arizona here.

    I was notified yesterday that Janeen, the curator of this venue, is in the hospital. I was hoping that she would be released this morning but she has been told that she needs to stay for a while longer.

    Please take a moment to “sign” this get well card for Janeen by leaving your remarks in the comment box. Let Janeen know you are thinking about her.


    Kitchen Dwellers

  • The Theatre’d Art

    From the Burmese jungles to my own back yard, I now present The Theatre’d Art. A student group originally operating out of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Theatre’d Art has become much more than that. Their goals have always been to produce the kind of theatre “you couldn’t find anywhere else.”


    Off Center Stage

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  • The Littlest Cthulhuist

    It’s hard being different. Sometimes kids are bullied for their looks, for their clothes, and sometimes, like in the case of seven year old Lillian, for their beliefs. You see, Lillian is a Cthulhu’s Witness, not the most respected of religious sects. The Littlest Cthulhuist is the newest film by John Hidalgo.


    Moving Pictures



We’re celebrating Halloween all this week on Today’s Visions.

As you wonder thru the site be prepared to run into a witch or a ghost and watch out for the black cat that may cross your path!

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