Setting the Scene

Oftentimes, setting the scene for a still life photo can be difficult and require many shots.  You have to plan the composition, test different elements and experiment with the lighting.  I have developed a process that seems to serve me …


The Purpose of Life

I have pondered on this subject for quite some time and still feel that there are more questions surrounding this subject than there are answers.  I have read academic tombs, articles and books all focused on helping us find our purpose in life. …


Life’s All About Change

I think the title says it all for this series of quotes.  Life is all about change.  Just when you feel you are balanced, life will throw something else on the pile attempting to disrupt your balance.  Be prepared to shift you focus, look at …


Be Open-Minded

The great thinkers throughout time espoused the concept of open-mindedness.  But what does it mean to be open-mined?

To have an open mind means you are:

  • Willing to consider or receive new and different ideas.
  • Able to see the different perspectives