• Buffalo Thunder, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Gary and I took a ‘working vacation’ to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Since Gary was playing poker and I wanted to take photos we stayed at Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort.  Buffalo Thunder manages to give Gary and I a synergistic stay every time we go there. While Gary plays …

  • Epiphanies that will Alter the Course of Human Events

    Okay. I admit it! I have been so busy coding the new features for Today’s Visions that I have neglected the Blog Discoveries. It’s not that I am not reading – I am! But do you really want to see blogs about web design, mysql, wordpress, ruby on rails, ya dee da dee da ….?

    Last night I just had to take a break, so I went to visit Greg Mischio’s site for some needed humor. OMG! He’s writing about cats and millionaires this week! What will he come up with next?

  • James Aiken – Fine Art Photography

    His childhood was spent in the glorious splendor of rural Vermont. He currently resides in New York City where he works as an architect. His name is James Aiken and he has been an avid photographer since his high school years.

    With each image taken, James celebrates his introvert personality. Since he feels no need to be an integral part of what he sees, James is comfortable with critical examination and contemplation and can find beauty in the most ordinary and mundane items, leaving the scene unaltered when he walks away.

    Partial Eclipse Of The Sunflower
  • The start of happiness with Brendan

    The start of happiness is a blog and website by Brendan Baker. As the name suggests, the website is all about removing the things that make you dissatisfied and unhappy. Brendan gives practical tips on how to sort the clutter and make your life into a happier, more fulfilling one.

  • From Time To Time by Kela Lewis-Morin 5 stars

    There is an honesty and integrity to Kela’s poetry that deals with harsh issues like rape and violence, in poems like “Breaking News,” and yet raises philosophical questions about our assumptions about the way things should be and actually are, especially in his poems like his thought provoking “Free Will”.

  • Friday Focus: Sept 19

    Social Media has been high on the radar again this week, and I read an interesting article on the Independent Publishing Magazine site, which said in essence that Authors must take the primary role in marketing their books.

    It is perhaps tempting to think of some “golden age” when publishing firms did all the marketing for you, but the reality is that even before the rise of what we now refer to as Indie Authors, writers always had to be the main advocates for their work. With independent publishing, the reduced number of “traditional” booksellers, and the rise of the mighty online mega stores, the need to publicise oneself has never been greater.

  • Creativity vs. Innovation, The Indie Difference

    One of the aspects of Today’s Visions that inspired me to accept Arizona Lowe’s invitation to join her and the other curators was the goal of blending creative endeavors with business ones under an Indie brand. Few perspectives show the paradoxical tension between the two than the differences between creativity and innovation.

    Creativity vs Innovation Slider
  • Breaking Bread

    Whether it’s a loaf from scratch or from pre-made dough, the warm, yeasty goodness of bread in the oven (or even a bread machine) fills the air like a comfort smell! Once upon time, every household made its own bread. These days it’s treated either as something mechanical or something for artisans… but making bread doesn’t have to be difficult, or boring! Bread can be an appetizer, an entrée, even a dessert! It can be an edible centerpiece or part of a religious practice; the mixing, the kneading, the baking, and the eating uphold old traditions and start new ones.

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