• The Marketing Trap and How You Can Escape

    Photographers, public speakers, physical trainers, life coaches, bloggers, and many other independent business people (all ‘indies’) are trying to create a career for themselves doing what they love and, in waaayyy too many cases they are failing. The failure has nothing to do with their skill or talent, but has more to do with their reach. Who sees their work? Who hears about the services they offer?


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  • Daniel Eskridge – 3D Render Artist

    If you look at the image to the left long enough, letting your mind sink into the scene, you will begin to feel the ground shake from the powerful hooves of the buffalo stampeding before you. The realism of this historical reproduction prompts the mind to fill in the rest of the scene, enriching the viewing experience naturally by creating the noise, smell and feel.


    The Art Galleries

    Running With Buffalo
  • A Prolific Life with Farnoosh!

    Prolific Living is a blog by Farnoosh Brock. The blog focuses on helping people get more productive in life through emotional understanding and empowering people to bring about the positive changes in life which will help them to lead a more successful and fulfilling life.


    Curiously Happy

    Prolific Living
  • A Prompt For Every Season

    Now, here is a book for every writer’s survival kit: Bryan Cohen has compiled 1000 Prompts to Stop Writer’s Block called FOUR SEASONS OF CREATIVE WRITING.


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  • Leadership’s CREATE by Tiffany Crawford for Women

    In an introductory direct message on Twitter, Tiffany connected three words not usually seen together: IT, leadership and intuition. I quickly discovered this symbolizes Tiffany’s holistic approach to leadership, one well suited for the Indie community. Tiffany achieves this holism by integrating an aptitude for technology with a passion for mindfulness in CREATE (Cultivate Reality Embodied As (your) Truest Expression), her conceptual framework for leadership and foundation for her Women’s Leadership Institute.


    Leadership Matters

    Tiffany Crawford - CREATE (Slider)
  • Uninvited Guests

    This isn’t my normal food and kitchen blog… I just want to warn you if you’re looking for recipes, there is one here, but it’s for killing roaches. Yep, it’s a bug blog. And by the way, do you know how difficult it is to find not-gross pictures of kitchen pests? I thought this fruit fly image was just the thing.


    Kitchen Dwellers

    crop fruit flies
  • The Theatre’d Art

    From the Burmese jungles to my own back yard, I now present The Theatre’d Art. A student group originally operating out of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Theatre’d Art has become much more than that. Their goals have always been to produce the kind of theatre “you couldn’t find anywhere else.”


    Off Center Stage

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  • The Littlest Cthulhuist

    It’s hard being different. Sometimes kids are bullied for their looks, for their clothes, and sometimes, like in the case of seven year old Lillian, for their beliefs. You see, Lillian is a Cthulhu’s Witness, not the most respected of religious sects. The Littlest Cthulhuist is the newest film by John Hidalgo.


    Moving Pictures


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