The (Unlimited) Power of the Human Mind

There is no limit, except the limits that the mind places on what it allows itself to believe.

Shelf or otherwise restrict the mind and you miss out an a lot that life has to offer. On the other hand, open the mind and you will find yourself in a place that has no limits.c

You are Crisis necessity by necessity, figuratively speaking. Crisis necessity arises as a result of your mind’s limitations that you impose upon yourself, whether explicitly or implicitly. You, through your mind, create walls for yourself, called limits.

As you know all this, is so that you find out who you are, and discover what you are capable of, so that you may find out what the limits are, and come upon a result that you understand as your purpose.

Within the limits of your mind, you will find that you are unlimited, because there is no mind, but you. Since you, through your mind, has created an unlimited situation, you can maximize all of your potential in whatever you do.

It is a fact of life, that we are not as limited by our bodies, as much as we are limited by our minds, and as a consequence, we need to change how we approach trials and tribulations.

But limits do not always exist, as the mind sometimes takes a position, a placebo position, and we forget to use our unlimited power.

We allow ourselves to be limited and we give ourselves up to the limits of our mind, as a result of which we place ourselves – in chains – in the bondage of full-blown ignorance.

When a problem arises in your life, do you immediately focus on the negatives of that problem or instead focus any and all positive aspects? This is the way that you find out whether you have opened your mind, or closed it.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but the general consensus is that having a closed mind is not ideal. Instead, keep an open mind in whatever you do. Not only will this improve your social interactions, but it will also give you the motivation required to go out and achieve your dreams.