How to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Life

One of the biggest sources of problems for many people, whether in their personal or business life, is the inability to stay motivated while attempting to accomplish goals. It’s almost like we are hard wired to create our own adversity in life, which is in direct conflict to our own hopes and dreams. The thing is, it is not unwanted adversity but rather the Inner Critic that is trying to discourage you.

It may seem that it is super easy in theory to stay motivated throughout the tough times. After all, it’s easy to create beliefs about your ability and self-worth, and see yourself as capable and worthy of succeeding. But, then when the going gets tough, that may be just when you have to stop and do a tough one real easy, get a task or project in your way, and kick your butt out in the open.

So when are you going to be able to Our Perish and Succeed? Probably when you are making adversity your ally.

It’s a continued fight, it’s constantly hard or even impossible for you to create new beliefs. You are a Creative Being, who lives and is inspired by your own creativity, inspiration and desires to succeed. The challenge isn’t in finding a way you can stay motivated. The challenge is whether or not you want to allow your Inner Critic to control your discipline.

It’s a tough ride when you try to change a belief system, because of all the resistance you get. In fact that is what keeps you where you are today waiting to get out of the rut of making excuses and the constant struggle with procrastination.

I am truly not sure I think I want to go to bed tonight and realize that my life is still constructed upon a belief line that was created by someone else. My ego, my inner judge and critic, my inner thief and master do not believe me that I can create the life I want all by myself.

Many began their journey with temporary defeat, but it depends on whether you quit at that point, or keep pushing through. Instead of walking on disappointed, they should walk on the side of eventual victory. Let only winners prevail I escape intentionally, if you know what that means, I am creating this victory show for you to see and feel it.

I hope to see you grow and prosper, and finally yourselves prosper. It’s your life, and if you value it, you’ll find it within you to be motivated no matter what challenges come your way.