Mental Fortitude for a Good Life

A while back, I had realized at the time that I was consumed with too much stress. Worrying of being overworked and my family’s lack of financial support catches me often. A key to being happy, however, is to not let stress overcome you. A good physical health can take you a long way to ensure you are not overwhelmed and depressed.

One key to mental health is embracing the stress to a certain degree, while doing something about it if possible, and letting go of the fear that it is not all there. You can determine the stress and when there is so much of it at once, it is sometimes too overwhelming. That is why it is easier to focus in the sense of what don’t like, look at what is wrong, get rid of the negative. Stress is a very quick, shallow approach to life. You would change your job, re-arrange your life, but you probably won’t change yourself.

The change could happen easily, but many times the stress and horrid things are such that the stress is too great for too long. I could tell you that you should be able to adjust mentally. You would probably disagree, and defend that they are your key issues that will fix your situation. The stress is too great now; you need to have the patience to study, to give the time if you need it. Basically, the idea that you have to mentally adjust yourself is the stress as oppose to the act-reaction that lets the stress happen.

One time I had to go for a drive. I would like to say travelling on surfaces like roads therefore making better use of my time. On my way I was in a hurry to get to a place that was fast. In fact I was in a rush to get there because I was late. I used to drive along quick ways and streets that I rarely took, but then I did one wrong turn and as it happened the next, so I stopped and changed direction. I was lucky enough to continue on what I was turned in to. The fellow that stopped in front suddenly didn’t, now I had to go back. Racing along in the distance I saw something in my rear view mirror and I shot out my sunglasses.”

What to do? How to stop my momentum? I was in an hurry. But I knew a potential problem was forming. I could feel my breathing was becoming difficult, or so it thought. Each time I took a breath the hole in my chest swelled. The discomfort he felt over his nose and cheek probably made his heartbeat jump up more quickly.

What was happening to me? Finally I had met the problem. I tried to retrace my steps, whilst reclaiming my breathing. I tried to drink enough water to re-wake up. I could not for the life of me comprehend what had happened, but even in this physical pain, in this position and despite feeling as if my soul were going with me, I still felt myself moving.

How I felt and what I thought would not change. My sadness, my pain was still there. I knew my body did not want to feel that way and looked towards the road to calm my emotions. It felt as if my mind was in turmoil, but what was the problem? The only safe place for me was to be still, the road seemed to be closing in. The physical sensation of not being able to breath was overpowering. Even though I had driven for several hundred miles and moved along quite well. It was the core of the problem.

I remembered looking at my watch a while back and time seemed to stand still. It was really disturbed when I had thought myself to be in a position to run, but it did not work then. I think I was emotionally going overtime. The next couple of days I was not able to sleep, as I was thinking too much about what I was missing on my way back.

It was a good idea to re-evaluate your mindset and train your mind not to be agitated about things that you don’t have. This would help to reconnect back with the emotions and feelings that make up your natural outlook on life. And worrying unnecessarily will only cause the eventuality not to arrive or take place. Having mental fortitude is an absolute must if you want to live a good life, not just one of success, but one of genuine happiness and fulfillment.