Communication Quotes

I am getting a late start this morning, sorry.  I have had quite a bit of communicating to do this morning.  Because of the serious nature of the phone calls I wanted to ensure that I was mindfully communicating so I could not multitask.    …


Ice Storm March 2014

We do not get many opportunities like today’s ice storm in Colorado.  At least, not that I have seen so far.  Usually during the winter months the ground is covered with snow and/or mud.  It can become quite a mess.

Today everything …


Unique YOU quotes

Are you spending your time worrying about how others see you?  Do you want to fit in with the crowd?  Be normal?

Let these quotes help you reflect on who you really are.

  • You can turn the SHINE on. The switch lies within your heart. ~AZ~
  • Art washes

Quotes to Reflect On

Twitter Feed: February 26, 2014

I read ‘serious’ writing in small chunks, devouring novels and enjoying the great minds of our civilization in small sips.  Their words are so rich they have to be ingested slowly with lots of thought. …